Newly joined Master Chef

Newly joined Master Chef


Chef Paul, an overseas Chinese in Vietnam, is the first chef who has completed all chef courses from beginner to master levels at the "Chinese Culinary Institute", and the first Chinese chef to get the "Outstanding Alumni Award" of the Vocational Training Council.

Graduated from the French Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts, Chef Paul obtained the “Level 5 Nation Certificate in French Cuisine” which is accredited by French Ministry of Education.

He is also a culinary expert and consultant of TV programs, a cooking tutor, a media chef and a special chef for the Door-to-Door catering service. Passionate about cooking since childhood, Chef Paul's expertise lies in Chinese, Southeast Asian and French cuisines, and enjoys creating new fusion dishes. He hosted several TV cookery programmes. In addition, he enjoys making some videos to share his cooking experience and tips with everyone.

Currently the owner of personal brands "Chef Paul’s Kitchen" and "Chef Paul’s Tangerine Peel", he also opened an online store that provides a variety of ready-to-eat dishes and seasonal food. He is also willing to cooperate with different social welfare organizations to donate to people in need. He has also been invited by many primary schools, secondary schools and universities to hold career-oriented sharing lectures for students to give back to society.




Chef Paul will teach different dishes at Shun Hing Cooking Centre. Join our cooking classes and enjoy the fun of cooking with Chef Paul!


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