Paul Wong

Chef Paul Wong (保哥), a Vietnamese Chinese, is the first chef who has completed all levels of culinary courses at the Chinese Culinary Institute. He was also the first Chinese cuisine chef to receive the "Outstanding Alumni” award at the Vocational Training Council.

Chef Paul received his Diploma in Culinary Arts from French Disciples Escoffier and the Level 5 National Certificate in French Cuisine accredited by French Ministry of Education.

Since childhood, Paul has shown passion in cooking Chinese, Southeast Asian, French as well as fusion dishes. He is now a well-known cooking instructor/consultant and a popular TV and media host who is happy to share his culinary experience and cooking tips with others in his shows.

In addition to creating his own brands Chef Paul’s Kitchen and Chef Paul’s Tangerine Peel, he started an online shop that promotes easy to reheat seasonal and ready-to-eat dishes. He eagerly works with different NGOs to raise funds for the needy and is often a career orientation program guest speaker at primary/secondary schools and universities.