Newly Joined Star Tutor

Newly Joined Star Tutor


Oreo Charm

- Certificate in Food Preparation (Western)

- Raw Food Processing course - Qualified as City & Guilds International Awards in Barista Skills


Upon gaining professional certificates and qualifications, celebrity chef Oreo honed his craft of French cuisine at 1 Michelin-star Gaddi’s at the Peninsula Hotel. He is an expert in special Western Cuisine and homestyle dishes, and is experienced in guiding corporate cooking activities. Oreo has also participated in many television programs as a guest chef and guest judge.

As well as operating the door-to-door private home cuisine, he collaborates closely with “The Lion Rock Butcher” in developing different homemade food, and started a food store “COOKiDEA”.

Committed to becoming a Food KOL, he constantly shares recipes and introduces special dishes on his YouTube channel “味創工房” and strives to promote the local catering business



Oreo will teach you different menus each month.

Come to join our cooking class. Enjoy the fun of cooking with him!


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