Mabel Ho

Chef Mabel has been insatiably curious about food and developed an interest in cooking from a young age. She is always eager to develop knowledge of culinary arts and enjoys creating innovative dishes. After obtaining a Diploma in Chinese Cuisine at the Chinese Culinary Institute, she built her career in the catering industry and worked as a chef in a high-end Italian restaurant and a public hospital.

She specializes in creating innovative Chinese cuisine, fusion vegetarian cuisine, healthy dishes and sweets. Chef Mabel strives to bring the joy of cooking through sharing recipes and culinary tips on many television programs, including VIU TV's " Know your ingredients" and "Oh! My Chef Mama".

Chef Mabel is also a cookbook writer, and has published trending cookbooks such as “Trending Vegetarian Cuisines (潮食素菜)” and “Classic Sweets (經典甜品輕鬆做)”. She recently established her own cafe business “EverShine Cafe”, serving customers fragrant and nutritious dishes.