Mab Mak

Chef Mab Mak wears different hats as a cooking tutor, media chef and food stylist. She is an expert in multinational dishes, baking and desserts, and strives to present a variety of new cuisines to everyone.

Graduated from Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma Program, she received the “Level 5 National Diploma in French Cuisine” accredited by the French Ministry of National Education. She is qualified as a professional chef and mainly teaches individual, corporate and parent-child classes. And, she is passionate in working with different social welfare organizations and leading youth career-oriented exploration curriculum. She is also actively involved in culinary field and collaborates with newspapers, magazines and different kitchenware and food brands to design recipes, food styling, cooking demonstrations, and shooting videos.

Recently, Mab became a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage of Hong Kong and the Disciples Escoffier International and was awarded a “Red” sash, and strives to promote the chef's catering industry and food culture.

Now Mab has developed her own brand "Mab Kitchen", and cooperated with “Yi O Agricultural Cooperation Ltd" to launch a variety of sauces, and opened an online store of "Mab Kitchen". And, she also invents baby-led weaning recipes from time to time.