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2021 Summer Holiday Children Cooking Course 2

Class code — ZC20210722CM


Shun Hing Cooking Centre has launched a summer holiday culinary course for children, each course contains four cooking classes. During the course, your kids would learn different dishes of appetizers, hot dishes, bakery and desserts. Our cooking centre uses IH cooker (no flame) for cooking and we will arrange enough staff to take care of each child. Let’s bring your kid to our classes to enjoy such wonderful cooking experience and they could become great chefs!

Students will receive a certificate after finished all four classes in the course.


2021 Summer Holiday Children Cooking Course 2

22/07 (Thur) 14:30-17:00  Tutor : Marco Mok   
1. Homemade Mini Burger Bun & Potato Wedge
2. Avocado Shrimp Cake Slider & Cheese Stuffed Burger Slider

29/07 (Thur) 14:30-17:00  Tutor : Eric Wong
1. Water Chestnut Cake with Lemon Tea
2. Coconut Milk red Bean Pudding

05/08 (Thur) 14:30-17:00  Tutor : Haze Wong
1. Black Forest Cake

12/08 (Thur) 14:30-17:00  Tutor : Patrick Chiu
1. Softshell Crab Temaki, Tuna Salad Temaki, Inari Sushi
2. Cucumber Tobiko Mango Salad


Details for another child course:
2020 Summer Holiday Children Cooking Course 1
19/07, 26/07, 02/08, 09/08 (Every Monday)


* Welcome over 8 years old kid to join.
* Welcome an adult come with his/her kid to class.
* Audio recording and video recording are strictly prohibited during class.
* Food box will not be provided for the class. Students has to bring his/her own box.
* Cooking Centre will provide 1 piece of apron as a free gift to each student.
* Certificate will be awarded at the end of 4th lesson.

 Class date
2021-07-22 (Thu)


 Class Time
14:30 — 17:00


 Class Category Special Theme, Western Cuisine, Baking, Dessert, Others, Steam Oven, Electric Oven, Induction Cooker
 Tutor Cooking Centre Tutor
 No. of Student 8
 Status Application deadline has passed
 Language Cantonese